How big is the gap between China and Germany in industrial cleaning equipment?

How big is the gap between China and Germany in industrial cleaning equipment?
"Made in Germany" is famous in industry. In the field of chemical equipment, German manufacturing enterprises are also the goal for domestic enterprises to learn and catch up. Recently, a 21 member delegation of China Industrial Cleaning Association, led by Zhao Zhike, Secretary General of the association, visited the 2016 Munich environmental Expo (IFAT) and visited German enterprises on the spot.
"Through this inspection and exchange, we all felt the strong environmental protection and safety awareness of European industrial cleaning peers, especially the advanced mechanized and automatic cleaning equipment, which impressed us and saw the future development direction of industrial cleaning." Zhao Zhike told the China Chemical Daily on June 25, "At present, in the field of industrial cleaning technology and equipment, the scientific and technological innovation achievements and cutting-edge technologies of developed countries such as Germany are worth learning. There is still a gap in the technology and management level of domestic industrial cleaning industry. However, this gap is visible and is narrowing. China's industrial cleaning industry is making great efforts."
The picture shows the delegation visiting the high-pressure cleaning vehicle. (picture provided by Ma Chunling)
The industrial division of labor is becoming more and more refined, and the rotating water jet has become the dominant
Munich ring Expo (IFAT) Founded in 1966, it is a professional trade flagship Expo in the field of environment and water resources. It is recognized as an exhibition leading the latest international trend and the global wind vane in the industry. Exhibition hall B4 of IFAT is a professional exhibition area for industrial cleaning equipment, related accessories and various testing instruments. Almost all the world's top high-pressure water cleaning equipment, cleaning tools and related accessories are gathered in the exhibition hall And the manufacturers of supporting cleaning effect testing instruments. The representatives roamed in the ocean of advanced equipment, with great interest and fruitful results.
"From the exhibition, the division of labor in the cleaning industry is becoming more and more detailed!" Ma Guoquan, general manager of Tianjin Fulu Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd., said in an interview with China Chemical Daily that in addition to the manufacturers of complete sets of high-pressure plunger pump equipment, relevant supporting product manufacturers also participated in the exhibition, such as high-pressure hose, nozzle, seal, safety protection, endoscope detection instruments, professional tools, sewage recovery and treatment equipment and automatic remote control New system, etc. "it's almost unnecessary to go out of exhibition hall B4, where you can collect relevant information about all industrial cleaning equipment," he said.
In addition to a complete set of high-pressure cleaning equipment, a variety of supporting cleaning tools have also attracted much attention. "A high-pressure water cleaning unit, no matter how high its pressure and flow, if there is no suitable cleaning tools, the cleaning efficiency and cleaning effect will be greatly reduced." Ma Guoquan said, "it is very important to select appropriate and appropriate cleaning tools."
It is understood that throughout the B4 exhibition hall, almost all supporting accessories exhibitors have launched a variety of newly designed rotary jet tools. Compared with the previous non rotary jet tools, rotary jet cleaning has fast cleaning speed and good cleaning effect (high cleaning rate) Some of these rotary jet tools are self rotating, some need to be driven by external pneumatic motor or hydraulic motor, some are free jet without speed limit, some are speed limit with magnetic force or oil damping, some are cross rotary jet, and some are porous and specially designed. "It can be seen that rotating water jet has become the leading process for high-pressure water cleaning of industrial equipment," Ma Guoquan said.
The picture shows German technicians demonstrating the ground cleaning machine on site. (picture provided by Ma Chunling)
Automatic power flow has become an irresistible trend of parallelization and modularization
At present, physical cleaning, especially high-pressure water jet cleaning, has become a trend in the field of domestic industrial cleaning, and high-pressure water jet equipment has also attracted more attention from representatives. Zhao Zhike told reporters that almost all high-pressure water jet actuator manufacturers are showing their latest research results in the automatic operation of industrial cleaning at this exhibition, which fully reflects the intelligence , high efficiency, parallelization and modularization.
"Due to the increase of labor cost and the increasingly strict requirements of safety production, automatic cleaning actuators are becoming more and more popular. Many manual cleaning jobs have gradually realized automation, the work efficiency has been significantly improved, and the potential safety risk of high-pressure water jet to on-site operators has been greatly reduced. For example, the cleaning of heat exchanger tube side used to be cleaning operators Hand held flexible gun construction, and now the automatic double gun and three gun system has been widely used by various construction companies in Europe and America. " Zhao Zhike said that even the hand-held spray gun surface cleaning work that the industry has always considered irreplaceable has begun to be replaced by gun holding robots or robotic arms. Ma Guoquan also said that the automatic cleaning actuator will be the main trend of the future development of the cleaning industry. The safety awareness of developed countries and regions such as Europe and the United States is much stronger than that of China, and many large international chemical giants have begun to develop Formulate higher and stricter cleaning standards and vigorously promote the automation of industrial cleaning.
Another trend brought about by the application of automatic actuator is the development of cleaning equipment to large flow and high power. "Since the products of automatic and mechanized actuators can withstand greater reaction force and torque than human beings, in order to improve operation efficiency, industrial cleaning service providers will try to select equipment parameters with high pressure and high flow, which will double the cleaning efficiency," Zhao Zhike explained, "For example, the gun holding robot can withstand a recoil force 1.5 ~ 2 times larger than that of adults. When the working pressure exceeds 1500bar, its safety and working stability are unmatched by manpower." an industry insider told reporters that compared with Germany, the intelligence level of the domestic cleaning industry is worse.
At the exhibition, a number of equipment providers exhibited parallel coordinated cleaning devices with 3 ~ 6 cleaning pumps. Ma Chunling, Deputy Secretary General of the association, said that for construction sites requiring large flow cleaning operations (such as large-diameter pipeline and tank cleaning), multi pump parallel has become one of the important choices of construction units. In China, equipment parallel is not a common mode.
In addition, the modular automatic actuator also refreshes the delegation. At this exhibition, the automatic actuator products produced by many mainstream manufacturers are modular assembled. Zhao Zhike said that modularization can make the on-site installation and disassembly of the actuator more convenient and fast, and the maintenance and repair are more convenient. It can also be transported quickly during the transfer, which greatly improves the efficiency He told reporters that the domestic cleaning industry has basically formed a consensus on the concept of modularity, but the popularity needs to be improved.
Craftsman spirit injects power and development concept becomes the biggest gap
Where is the manufacturing gap between China and Germany? Ma Guoquan believes that from the perspective of the exhibition, the scientific and technological innovation awareness of domestic cleaning equipment enterprises needs to be improved. "From the perspective of the production of high-pressure water cleaning equipment and its supporting accessories, there is a certain gap between domestic enterprises and developed countries such as Europe and the United States, lack of innovation awareness, insufficient investment in R & D funds, the old concept of" one drawing for ten years "still exists, and there are still blind areas in the fields of ultra-high pressure (3000bar) and high power (500kW)," he said.
After the exhibition, the delegation went to farlion company in Germany for investigation. The company's headquarters and production base are located in mecklein City, Schwarzenegger, Germany. It has nearly 2000 employees and specializes in producing high-quality high-pressure water cleaning machines of 500 to 3000bar. The delegation listened to the introduction of farlion company, visited the enterprise's production workshop, finished product inventory and observed the latest equipment During the demonstration, they exchanged with the German side on the production and manufacturing process, enterprise service and operation mode. The delegates really felt the standardization of German enterprise operation and management and the German "craftsman spirit" In addition, the delegation also inspected Koks, alchemy professional, Hammelmann and other European industrial cleaning companies.
After communicating with European counterparts, Ma Guoquan believes that in addition to the gap in technology, domestic enterprises need to "make up lessons" for the gap in development concept It is understood that at present, domestic cleaning enterprises are mixed, and Party A's enterprises prefer to win the bid at a low price, which has a negative impact on the healthy development of China's cleaning industry. In order to still strive for surplus in engineering projects that are close to or lower than the cost price, or resort to fraud, or use low-cost non rotating cleaning tools to clean various heat exchangers and pipelines The cleaning effect can be imagined, which directly leads to the increase of equipment operation energy consumption. Since the production cost of rotating cleaning tools is several times or dozens of times higher than that of non rotating tools, the winning cleaning companies are generally unwilling to take the initiative to use them. On the contrary, Party A Enterprises in Europe and the United States determine the cleaning budget cost based on the cleaning effect, and vigorously advocate the cleaning with higher use efficiency and better cleaning effect Rotating jet cleaning tools have gained more benefits in energy conservation, emission reduction and cost reduction. "Domestic Party A enterprises should recognize this and don't save small money and lose big money," Ma Guoquan said.
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